G’Vine Gin

bottle-shotCreated in 2001, G’Vine is a unique, ultra-premium gin from France, crafted by Jean Sébastien Robicquet and Bruno de Reilhac, the proprietors, lead oenologists and master distillers of EWG Spirits and Wine in the French region of Cognac. G’Vine is poised to captivate a fresh audience of gin connoisseurs through an elegant recreation of a cocktail favorite that bridges the gap between gin and flavored vodka. By marrying age-old distillation and infusion practices with the introduction of the rare green vine flower, G’Vine is establishing a chic new standard in the elegant super premium spirits category. G’Vine hit the market with two exceptional products – G’Vine Florasion is a modern-style gin generously infused with the vine flower as well as 9 different botanicals. The extended infusion of the vine flower produces a floral gin that brings intricacies to any cocktail it is used for. G’Vine Nouaison is also infused with the vineflower, but to a much lighter degree yielding a more London-dry style of gin ideal for Martinis and the like. The Nouaison reveals increased juniper and nutmeg components than its counterpart, and an elevated alcohol content of 43.9%, also making ideal for cocktails.